5 Reasons You Should ‘HODL’ the $SAVG Token

3 min readJan 21, 2022


There are several benefits to holding SAVG long-term, including true utility as well as a path to being able to participate in DAO governance and have a direct say in the future of the SAVAGE platform.

1. Earn passive income from staking $SAVG

By HOLDING and staking your SAVG tokens, you can not only earn more tokens but also support a sustainable, ethical and responsible eco-system built for creators, by creators.

2. Participate in DAO governance

SAVAGE was built to solve the broken relationship in legacy stock photography and video sites where centralized platforms keep the vast majority of the sale price.

Leveraging cryptocurrency and the DAO structure is a perfect vehicle to achieve this.

That’s why SAVAGE’s goal is to completely transition to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structure and let $SAVG token holders control the platform’s future.

Every member of our community is valued and has a voice, but if you hold $SAVG you also have a vote!

So, if you want to play an active role in future governance decisions that steer and direct the platform’s future, HODL’ing the SAVG token will allow you to do just that.

3. Leverage the utility of the SAVG token

Unlike many tokens that are only for governance, the SAVG token has real utility on the platform. Users who hold the SAVG token can use it to mint NFTs on the platform and to buy digital assets.

Very soon, the SAVAGE marketplace will go live with some of the most amazing, completely unique art in the world.

SAVAGE was founded by creators and so we have some very exciting NFT drops coming in the next couple of weeks to celebrate the launch of the market place.

Our first drops will include (but will not be limited to) content from Paul Nicklen and all of our other Hero Creators as they launch their first NFT collections on SAVAGE.

We will also be releasing SAVAGE Exclusive Drops, where each Hero Creator will contribute a single piece around a theme combining to create a truly unique and one of a kind NFT collection.

If you wish to participate in the SAVAGE marketplace, it makes a lot of sense to hold the SAVG token now while you are still early.

4. Participate in the massive upside opportunities existing in the creator and NFT industry

There are 455M professional and amateur creators monetizing their content on creative networks like YouTube, legacy stock media platforms like Shutterstock and Getty Images, on NFT platforms like SuperRare and OpenSea, and across professional platforms like Vimeo.

Among all of these other creator media platforms, SAVAGE offers the most competitive marketplace with the lowest fees and highest payouts, allowing creators of all types — amateurs, professional filmmakers and photographers, and videographers — to easily, fairly, and ethically monetize their content.

Suffice to say if you want to take full advantage of the upside the SAVAGE ecosystem offers, you definitely want to “HODL” the SAVG token!

5. Support and participate in the future of the SAVAGE ecosystem

SAVAGE has an exciting roadmap ahead as you can see below. Later in 2022, the SAVAGE team has a music marketplace planned, as well as YouTube and Instagram API integrations, and a goal to become a carbon negative marketplace with full DAO governance long-term.

How can you get SAVG tokens?

The SAVG token can be acquired through selling an NFT, staking rewards, liquidity mining rewards, or via purchasing on the open market on a DEX such as Quickswap or on a centralized exchange such as Gate.io.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.