8K Videography in the Metaverse

3 min readMay 16, 2022

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It is undeniable that videography has experienced an entire evolution throughout its history. Since the first motion picture of a train on the railway astonished people in the late 19th and start of the 20th century, videography has seen some major advancements that have allowed it to increase the quality of production and deliver to the audience a clarity of video that nearly mimics what the human eye is capable of, in some instances even beyond! The most recent technological advancements have brought to market an unrivaled video resolution capability, 8K. Major film and video production giants such as Sony and Samsung have already started implementing 8K into their projects as they bring the experience of videography to a new level. For instance, Sony Electronics CTO has further confirmed that “If you have ever viewed immersive 8K content, especially paired with phenomenal audio, it is an experience that is unmatched.”

The NFT Barrier

The NFT community has long sought to include high-resolution photography and videography in the metaverse, yet storage and size limits, as well as extravagant minting fees, have constituted a barrier for artists hoping to promote their content in NFT marketplaces. These artists, who have long had their creativity obstructed and their hard-earned money pocketed by production firms, have been looking for a decentralized solution that enables them to unleash their artistic prowess and generate the revenues they deserve from their artworks.


The SAVAGE app is an innovative, decentralized solution that builds an energy-efficient, eco-friendly NFT marketplace for photographers and filmmakers, allowing them to mint NFTs in the format of their choice. This act of liberation will revolutionize the NFT industry as artists will be able to share artworks that reflect the intensity and details in their photographs or videos. SAVAGE increased the maximum upload size of NFTs by more than 200 times.


Some of the most prominent filmmakers of today, such as Paul Nicklen, have already joined the platform as one of its Hero Creators. Paul is a world-renowned and critically-acclaimed Canadian filmmaker, author, and marine biologist, as well as a National Geographic photographer. He is widely appreciated for his work as a wildlife conservation activist, and has joined SAVAGE, the first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace, to promote an environmentally-conscious art platform. Paul’s first NFT video will soon be minted and sold on the SAVAGE platform, paving the way for the future of NFT videography.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur videographer, the SAVAGE app invites you to become its next Hero Creator, publishing your work on a decentralized platform with low minting fees and generous rewards.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.