How to add $SAVG to Metamask on FTM, BSC, and MATIC Blockchains

4 min readJan 21, 2022

The $SAVG token can be added to your Metamask wallet on either the Polygon (MATIC), Fantom (FTM), or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

The official smart contract address on each chain is as follows:

$SAVG (MATIC): 0x981aecc6eb4d382b96a02b75e931900705e95a31

$SAVG (FTM): 0xa097c96acc9587d140ad8aeaac13d9db2c6cc07f

$SAVG (BSC): 0x8c4daef64d4246d0274fe68243fd32bb8d5707e5

Method 1 — Fastest Method

Go to the official SAVAGE (SAVG) CoinGecko listing and click the Metamask fox icon on the right hand side under the “Info” section to add it to your Metamask.

Note that this requires you to have the Polygon (MATIC) Mainnet already added as a network in your Metamask. If you don’t yet have this added, see the steps below for how to do so.

If you do not yet have any of the three networks (FTM, BSC, MATIC) added to your Metamask, you’ll first need to add them.

To do so, first open Metamask and login by clicking the Metamask fox icon in your browser toolbar. If you don’t yet have Metamask, download the official Metamask extension here and create an account. Then click the dropdown menu next to “Ethereum Mainnet” which allows you access to add a new network to your Metamask.

From there, you will see this screen and you should then follow the directions below pertaining to the network you wish to add.

Enter in the relevant details for each network you wish to add:

  1. Adding Polygon (MATIC) network to Metamask

Matic Mainnet

2. Adding Fantom (FTM) network to Metamask

Fantom Mainnet

3. Adding Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to Metamask

Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

Once you’ve added the relevant network, you can now toggle between using Ethereum or another network using the same dropdown menu.

Next, to manually add a new token to your wallet, scroll to the bottom of your tokens list and click “Import tokens”.

This will bring up the following screen, pictured below.

Now, you can manually add the correct token address for the $SAVG token. Make sure it is the official address as quoted above!

The token symbol is: SAVG

Once you’ve entered the above details, click “Add Custom Token” and you should see the SAVG token show up in your Metamask!

Don’t have the SAVG token yet?

How can you buy the SAVG token?

The SAVG token itself can be acquired using the Quickswap DEX on the Polygon network that’s linked here:

First you’ll need to connect your wallet to the DEX.

In the interface box in the middle of the screen you will see the token choices that you can swap. On the top, select the token that you want to exchange for $SAVG. Selecting MATIC will incur the least fees.

On the bottom, you will see a blue “Select a token” button. Click on that. In the box that pops up you will have an input field where you can enter the SAVAGE token contract address.

To be safe, we recommend you copy/paste the official contract address to make sure you are buying the official and correct SAVG token.

The contract address to copy/paste exactly as shown is: 0x981aecc6eb4d382b96a02b75e931900705e95a31

You can also buy the SAVG token through a centralized exchange such as, or alternatively through our soon to be launched in-app exchange integration.

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