How to Move your $SAVG from One Chain to Another

3 min readJan 21, 2022

To move your SAVG tokens from Polygon to Fantom, or to BSC, you can use the cross-chain router protocol that has set up especially for SAVAGE to send your $SAVG tokens between networks.

Important: Be careful to never share your Metamask wallet seed phrase with anyone, for any reason! No one from SAVAGE will ever ask you for money or private details.

To start, go to and connect your Metamask at the bottom of the page by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button.

You need to connect the Metamask account that is holding your SAVG tokens for this to work.

Then, you’ll pick the network you wish to transfer your SAVG tokens from on Multichain (at the top in the “From” section, as seen below) and you’ll be prompted to switch to that network on your Metamask, if you’re not already on it.

Then, in the “From” section at the top, you will change “USDC” to the SAVG token by clicking into the dropdown menu and entering SAVG. This has already been pre-programmed by Multichain and will appear easily if you have SAVG in your wallet.

If done successfully, this will show the SAVG token with your wallet’s balance in the selection.

Done right, it should look like as pictured below:

Next, just toggle the destination network at the bottom to whoever you want to send your tokens to (in the “To” section at the bottom), make sure the correct SAVG token is also selected there, and then click the Swap button at the bottom!

Note that this is using a third-party service not controlled by SAVAGE and that the text at the bottom of the page above the Swap button will populate for you the relevant fee for the transfer and for the gas fee.

The estimated time of cross-chain arrival according to Multichain is 10–30 minutes, so don’t worry if it does not happen instantly. Large amounts of SAVG tokens being sent cross-chain can potentially take up to 12 hours to complete the transfer.

If you wish to sell your SAVG tokens for MATIC or stablecoins on the Polygon network at any time, use this Multichain router to bridge your tokens over to the Polygon network first, and then swap them on QuickSwap.

If you need more support, here is a helpful video on how to do Multichain swaps.

Recommend: We always disconnect from sites after completing transfers and swaps, in case of website attacks. When done with your transfer or swap, clicking the garbage can icons will disconnect your MetaMask from the site.

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