Introducing SAVAGE Experiences

3 min readMar 23, 2022
SAVAGE Experiences

SAVAGE is quickly becoming the home for the most distinguished photographers and filmmakers in Web3 due to their eco-friendly marketplace and forward-thinking NFT utility.

Recently, Hero Creator Chase Teron had this to say about NFT utility on SAVAGE:

“Photography NFTs with utility are where I see the biggest opportunity in this space for creators, collectors and businesses. Whether that’s within the contracts management piece with the use of the digital good or how the NFT unlocks a physical, real world experience. My goal with my NFT collections is to create different utility purposes that create massive value for those investing in my work.

“These tangible physical experiences for my collectors can be something as simple as receiving a complementary limited edition print or as complex and dynamic as becoming a lifetime member of our photography tours with major perks (early access / discounts / etc). When collectors are looking to invest in NFT Photographers, they should be looking for photographers who align with their values. The utility that also comes along with my NFT collections is my commitment to conservation with portions of my proceeds funding North American based conservation organizations.

“The utility doesn’t always need to benefit the collector directly but there’s this ripple effect that can happen that will empower the photographer to build authority and the collector can see in real time how their investment in that photographer is unfolding.

“The pay off is massive both to the collector and the photographer with the secondary market of the photography NFTs.”

Introducing SAVAGE Experiences, an exclusive membership that offers limited run NFTs, behind-the-scenes access, and exclusive guided excursions:

SAVAGE Experiences

  • Early access to limited edition Hero Creator NFT drops
  • Discounts on guided photo and video expeditions with Hero Creators
  • Lifetime discounts on all other SAVAGE Hero Creator Experiences
  • Free SAVAGE VIP merchandise (signed by selected Hero Creator)
  • Discount on select fine art prints
  • 1x raffle entry to join the Hero Creator Summit

Utility NFTs are based on the access, perks, and opportunities they provide to token holders. In addition to the usual scarcity associated with NFTs, utility NFTs can feature clearly defined intrinsic value.

One thing is certain — Hero Creators like Paul Nicklen are passionate about their work of documentary photography to inform and create an emotional connection with their subject and the audience with whom they present the work.

Along with being advocates of supporting conservation efforts due to the nature of their work and personal values, they now see a real use case of NFT photography given what the SAVAGE marketplace allows them to do.

NFT collections provide priority access to an in-group, coaching, and consulting from creators or entrepreneurs, and a like-minded network of holders and investors to connect and associate with — so much so that the NFT itself has utility far beyond the price paid for the piece of art.

Not only can investors and holders on NFTs now support their favorite artists or public figures directly, given the fact that less intermediaries are involved as compared to legacy formats, but when creators are able to independently support themselves and earn fair and equitable compensation, they can provide their supporters with more utility and greater access in many forms — to their network, to themselves and their skills, or more of their work.

SAVAGE is excited to meet the demand for utility in NFTs with both high-quality professional photography and videography. By allowing creators to own and retain the rights to their content, while providing buyers and holders with the greatest value and experience, SAVAGE is leading the way in disrupting the legacy media industry, empowering its users, and forging a new path forward within the Web3 revolution.

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