PixelPlex: The Development Powerhouse Behind SAVAGE

PixelPlex is the world-class development team building the engine underneath the hood of the SAVAGE platform. They are a software engineering powerhouse with a global presence and extensive development experience in areas ranging from notable NFT marketplaces, enterprise blockchain solutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, arbitrage bots, smart contracts, DApps, and much more.

As long-time DeFi contributors, and ‘OG’ blockchain developers, today they have grown into being one of the best-equipped teams in the industry to create high-quality NFT marketplaces to help the SAVAGE team fulfill their vision to create a best-in-class user experience allowing them to empower an entire generation of visual creators and facilitate a thriving creator economy.

Not only does PixelPlex have dozens of successful DeFi projects under their belt, but in past NFT development projects, the PixelPlex team has worked on NFTs involving digital art, gaming, real estate, sports, media, and fashion, even having created an entire fashion NFT marketplace called Digitalax, the world’s first digital fashion NFT platform that enables users to build digital 3D fashion items. The team also successfully built the first NFT marketplace for ASMR-tists, called xtingles.

Some of their other notable clients across their years of experience in development have included BMW, Mercedes-Benz, UMich, Oracle, UC Berkeley, the Qtum Foundation, and many more, with over 50 blockchain technology solutions built thus far, including DApps, NFTs, exchanges, and more.

The team has worked in industries including fintech, healthcare, government, real estate, and e-commerce, even having created blockchain powered mobile apps, digital solutions for banking, and financial services. The mature team of software developers have proven experience in building custom software solutions with rich blockchain and connected solution engineering expertise that has helped clients build multi-purpose platforms contributing to innovative domains, from the sharing economy, to renewable energy and much more.

They have a depth of experience creating platforms that rely on secure blockchain transactions, tokenization, rich user interfaces and intuitive design which makes them an excellent fit for developing the vision of the SAVAGE platform.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.