SAVAGE AMA Recap with KoinSaati

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SAVAGE ( is the first community driven and eco-friendly NFT media marketplace focused on Hollywood-quality video and photography.

With a track record of creating content for some of the world’s biggest brands and a combined social media presence of over 12 million followers, SAVAGE is the next generation media and content marketplace.


onepunchkripto: Could you briefly tell us how did you come up with the idea of naming the project “SAVAGE” and what is the aim of the project?

Luke Neumann: Of course! There is a tenacity that is needed when dismantling middle men and platforms that have held control for any length of time. The word “SAVAGE” describes the attitude that we are taking with our approach and our vision. We need to be relentless and passionate about the change.

onepunchkripto: We see that the most eye catching feature of the SAVAGE Project is the “Carbon Neutral NFT Market”. I’m sure many of our followers have no idea what it is. Can you tell us why Savage is so insistent on the issue of Carbon emissions and what does it have to do with NFT — Crypto world?

Luke Neumann: Proof of Work requires quite a lot of energy. To mint a single NFT on Ethereum, it requires the same amount of energy needed to power an entire home for a day. The energy consumption FUD hit the creative communities hard in 2021. Many of our top creators have brand deals with companies like Tesla, National Geographic, BBC, Amazon, and more. These brand deals would be revoked if these creators minted NFTs on the current marketplaces and so the majority of them haven’t. There is both a social pressure and a brand pressure that influencers need to maintain. Being carbon-neutral is crucial for our entire team, the marketplace but most importantly, our creators!

onepunchkripto: Could you tell us what other features the SAVAGE project, which emphasizes environmental awareness, has for its users?

Luke Neumann: 98% Creator Payouts, 2GB file uploads, Rights Managed Contracts in the NFT metadata, Team NFTs, Carbon-Neutral marketplace and low $10 flat minting fees. Our target demographic is really anyone with a smartphone! The new iPhones take insane photos and almost everyone has one.

onepunchkripto: SAVAGE seems to have set out to become a large platform where photo and video producers can directly create content. Can we learn what kind of measures you have in order to examine plagiarism on the platform and to protect the rights of private works?

Luke Neumann: This is a major feature of SAVAGE. We have worked in the legacy media world for 10 years and have run SAVAGE as a legacy stock video company for the past 3 years. So rights management is something we take very seriously ourselves. We have worked with some of the best attorneys to draft contracts that will be embedded in the metadata and will give extra protection to both the artists and the buyers.

onepunchkripto: We came to the question that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are most curious about. What kind of earnings will users be able to achieve thanks to the SAVAGE platform? We are also curious about the importance of the SAVG Token within the platform?

Luke Neumann: $SAVG is our on platform utility token and it serves many purposes. Users can stake, participate in exclusive competitions and giveaways but ultimately it will be used for governance in the DAO.

onepunchkripto: Thanks for your explanations, Luke!

Luke Neumann: You’re welcome! We have some major campaigns that are currently being staged and they implement the incredible reach of our launch influencer network.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.