SAVAGE AMA Recap with MyMoonBoots Community

SAVAGE x MyMoonBoots AMA Recap


SAVAGE ( is the first community driven and eco-friendly NFT media marketplace focused on Hollywood-quality video and photography.

With a track record of creating content for some of the world’s biggest brands and a combined social media presence of over 12 million followers, SAVAGE is the next generation media and content marketplace.

Main Questions:

Miami Disco: Thank you for taking the time to tell us all about what you guys are building over at SAVAGE. Before we get to that though, why not introduce yourself? What have you worked on prior to SAVAGE?

Luke Neumann: Of course! I have worked as a filmmaker and director for the past 10 years for major brands like Amazon, Samsung, TCL, Adobe, Panasonic and many more. I helped create the SAVAGE YouTube channel which now has over 143,000 subscribers and now we are merging everything from that world into crypto!

MD: That’s freaking awesome man! Seeing such big prestigious companies adopting the wonders of the blockchain made me realize that crypto really is on the cusp of finally becoming mainstream.

Luke: SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for photo and video.

MD: Indeed. NFTs let users be in complete control of whatever it is that they’re creating. And you guys are pioneering this in terms of letting photographers and filmmakers take part, too. I believe you guys are the first to focus exclusively on those types of creators. Being “the first” in crypto almost always leads to success :)

So, what are some of SAVAGE’s core features and use cases? And broadly speaking, who is your target demographic? Just professional filmmakers and photographers?

Luke: 98% Creator payouts, carbon-neutral platform, Stripe integration for easy payments, 2GB file upload limits, rights managed contracts built into the NFT metadata, team NFTs and more! Our target demographics are: all photographers and filmmakers, their fans, NFT collectors and the world’s biggest brands.

MD: 👏 Feature rich! I like it!

MD: Considering most of the world has smartphones at this point and they all have cameras, I guess you could say everyone in the world can be a photographer. Seems SAVAGE also caters to them as well.

Luke: 7 billion people have a camera in their pocket :)

MD: What sets SAVAGE apart from other similar photo hosting platforms? What makes SAVAGE better than them?

Luke: The creator payouts, without a doubt! 2% platform cut (SAVAGE) vs upwards of 70% (Legacy). It is a bad system and it’s been broken for decades. After that, I would say the connection between creator and buyer/client. On the Legacy side, you might sell your work to Tesla or National Geographic and never even speak to them. This leaves future potential work and collaboration on the floor, it’s wasted. At SAVAGE, we push creators and buyers/clients together and let them connect in HOPES that they extend their relationship beyond our platform.

MD: 2% vs 70% really speaks for itself, man. You guys are really taking care of your users. You’re making a huge difference here.

MD: Please give us a rundown on the process of turning our own photographs into NFTs. Also, how much does the whole process cost? Furthermore, how can users stay in control of the copyright of their work?

Luke: It will be a very simple process. You will upload a photo, title it, choose your Rights Contract and a thumbnail and then mint. The whole process will cost $10. Flat! We are going to be the first NFT marketplace to bake Rights Managed Contracts into the NFTs themselves. In our business, this is an extremely important but time consuming process. Automating it will save time for both the creators and the clients.

MD: $10 flat! 🤯 Anyone can partake, even amateur photographers! Woah!

But let’s take our focus away from photography for a second. Are photographs the only accepted medium on SAVAGE? Can users also submit paintings and drawings?

Luke: Great question! We have been talking to some amazing traditional artists and we are absolutely going to feature their work. If you need to use a physical camera to capture and share your work, then it is technically photography.

MD: Tell us about the technology behind SAVAGE. What blockchain is it running on? What led to the decision to run it on that particular blockchain?

Luke: We are building the $SAVG token on Polygon. Being carbon-neutral is one of the most important features but we also realize the NFT volume is and will always likely be on ETH. Polygon is the perfect choice, since it’s EVM compatible and allows us to bridge to ETH 2.0 when it’s ready.

MD: We’re almost done, Luke. Could you tell us about your partners and investors?

Luke: We have many amazing partners and investors, from Faculty Group and PixelPlex to the Crypto Climate Accord. We would drop the full list here but that information isn’t public just yet, so stay tuned for more of those announcements :)

MD: We’re humbled! 🙏 Luke, would you be okay with doing a community round? I believe the chat would like to ask their own questions now.

Luke: Absolutely, let’s do it!

Community Questions:

Q: ✅ I understand that SAVAGE is the first community-driven green NFT media marketplace focused on videos and photos, can you tell us about what criteria are taken into account in order to monetize a video or photo? Does it have to have a time limit? Does it have to be of a specific video or photo quality?

Luke: Creators will have the option to sell their content in an auction or a “buy now” type of sale. There will be some quality benchmarks that need to be hit but we are keeping things fairly open and want to make it easy for creators to post their work.

Q: Do you really already have all the necessary artists and content creators? Or do you really plan to run campaigns to include the most creative creators among your team’s designers? Or will it not be necessary because each user will be able to create their own content in SAVAGE?]

Luke: We have our “Hero Creators” who are prominent industry figures. We also have our team of creators who all have their own social followings. At the end of the day though, this is about the creator community and SAVAGE will be open to all creators and contributors, no matter how many followers they have.

Q: 🥇 Why does Savage define itself as an ecological or carbon neutral project? What kind of help does Savage provide to the environment? How can you create a zero carbon market?

Luke: This is a core value of everyone on the team as well as our initial launch contributors and creators. In the creative community, the energy consumption is a major source of FUD and has kept almost all of the big name photographs and filmmakers out of NFTs and crypto. By creating a carbon-neutral platform, we will bring these creators into crypto and with them, their major brand connections. It all starts with the creators though.

Q: ❇️ How can I become a Savage creator or contributor? What are the requirements to be accepted as a creator? What aspects are taken into account and how do you verify that applicants create quality content?

Luke: Head over to and send us your application! We would love to have you on board as a creator!

Q: It really strikes me that the clips will have 100% royalty-free, but could you really explain a little about the limitations and requirements that SAVAGE will implement for content publications? or will it really be totally free regardless of whether users can copy the content of others?

Luke: This will be up to the creator themselves! They can choose to sell their work exclusively, as Royalty Free or even as Creative Commons!

Q: You mention that you have enabled the use of a credit card within your platform, is this credit card Savage’s own? How can I acquire one of these cards? Or do you accept credit cards from traditional banks?

Luke: We wanted to create a marketplace that our legacy clients and brands would feel comfortable using, so giving them non-crypto payment options was important. Stripe is simply a payment gateway for VISA and other traditional credit cards. This is not referring to a SAVAGE specific credit card :)

Luke: Thank you so much for your time @Miami_Disco and the MyMoonBoots community! Please follow us on our socials and keep an eye out for our IDO announcements (very very soon): 🙏

MD: Thank you, Luke!

We look forward to hearing more from you and SAVAGE in the future. Cheers!

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.

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