SAVAGE Startup: Launch on January 19th

SAVAGE is extremely proud to announce a startup sale is on exchange on January 19th at 9 AM UTC.

$SAVG is the native token of the SAVAGE platform. The token is utilized for carbon-neutral minting, purchase, and payout of NFTs; powering digital rights management, and ensuring fair governance opportunities for all creators on the transition to the SAVAGE DAO.

Since completing their oversubscribed private sale, the SAVAGE team has been working hard in preparation for making $SAVG tokens available to the public.

This event on represents a great chance for those who want to utilize the SAVAGE platform and see the massive potential in SAVAGE to become a leading NFT marketplace by filling the market need for creators wanting to monetize their highest quality work. is a leading top 10 global cryptocurrency exchange.

The event will take place from January 19th, 2022 10 AM UTC to 10 AM UTC on January 20th, 2022. The trading starts at 13:00 UTC on January 20, 2022, and the trading pair offered is SAVG/USDT.

The public sale price will be at $0.0175 and there is a supply of 5,741,286 $SAVG tokens available. Users may purchase tokens using USDT. Users may need to undergo KYC with exchange in order to participate. Please check the specific requirements for participation and any countries or jurisdictions not supported here.

More Information about the SAVAGE Platform

SAVAGE is the world’s first community-driven and carbon-neutral NFT marketplace focused on helping creators of all types best monetize their high-quality video and photography with the highest payouts in the industry (98%). Built on the Polygon proof-of-stake blockchain, SAVAGE’s energy consumption is much lower at only 0.002% that of a proof-of-work marketplace such as is common for transacting with NFTs today.

SAVAGE aims to directly contribute to reducing the energy consumption in the industry to ensure that environmentally conscious creators and large brands can mint and sell freely as the NFT market scales to greater adoption.

SAVAGE was founded by a seasoned team of blockchain experts, professional creators, founders, and advisors; with backgrounds from National Geographic, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung, and backed by award-winning creatives and top VCs.

SAVAGE is well-equipped to bring long-awaited disruption to legacy stock media platforms, and create a thriving ecosystem and market for today’s 455 million professional and everyday creators to fairly monetize their work with the lowest fees and highest payouts.

Creators earn 15–40% on legacy stock media platforms that offer no community incentives, while on SAVAGE they earn 98% of each sale. SAVAGE is also the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace built on the proof-of-stake Polygon blockchain, which means far lower transaction fees than on leading NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

“SAVAGE will represent a paradigm shift in the way that professional content creators and photographers can monetize and share their work. Through our low-cost and high-throughput platform, we aim to disrupt the current stock image and video landscape.”

— Luke Neumann (CEO, SAVAGE)

Who is the SAVAGE team?

Luke Neumann — CEO — has worked as Content Director for brands like Amazon, Samsung, TCL, and more. His visual flair as a filmmaker has helped to build a successful YouTube channel with over 140,000 subscribers.

Ben Weintraub — CFO — bridges the gap between creativity and finance. With a degree in business administration and vast experience as a producer, he brings a wide knowledge base to every project. His clients include Panasonic, Adobe, Universal, and more.

Jesse Roos — CPO — is a travel and adventure photographer who’s worked with brands such as Sony, Honda, Outside Magazine, and more. His collaborative spirit has helped forge strong relationships throughout the industry.

Philip Parchment — Senior Creative Director— is a Miami/California-based, Creator Architect, that generates serendipity and connects the dots. Through carefully crafted communication, he developed strong relationships & worked with key partners at all levels of a Fortune 50 tech & entertainment company, such as Comcast & Xfinity.

SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace designed for video and photography. The SAVAGE platform will host some of the top filmmakers and photographers in the industry, while also being a place for up-and-coming creatives to monetize their work.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.

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SAVAGE is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography.

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