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SAVAGE X Bitmart: A new horizon for $SAVG token

$SAVG Token is now on Bitmart!

We are thrilled to announce that starting today $SAVG token is available for purchase and trading on another major exchange — Bitmart.

The partnership and the listing on BitMart Exchange are the results of joint efforts by the SAVAGE and Bitmart teams. As part of ongoing efforts to make the $SAVG token ever more accessible to a wider audience, SAVAGE has partnered up with another one of the big exchange platforms in the crypto realm. Starting today, May 4th, Bitmart users will be able to deposit, buy, trade, and withdraw $SAVG token. This is a significant step in enabling wider and easier access to the token as the hype around the project is exponentially growing and the demand for high-quality, world-class photography and videography in the NFT space is skyrocketing.

What is Bitmart?

Bitmart is a CEX, or centralized exchange, founded in 2017 that enables its users to trade, lend, and stake a wide range of cryptocurrency assets. Bitmart boasts a community of more than 5 million users with support in over 180 countries across the globe.

The $SAVG token on Bitmart

The $SAVG token offers true utility to the community through numerous functions revolving both around holding and spending. First, hodl’ing $SAVG allows community members to access exclusive NFT drops, minting discounts, and more. Furthermore, the $SAVG token enables users of the platform to enrich their NFT collections with photographs and videos from renowned world-class artists such as Paul Nicklen and many others. Furthermore, SAVAGE users can use $SAVG to mint their NFTs and have a chance to become our next Hero Creators.

Through its “Buy & Sell” option, Bitmart has made the purchase of cryptocurrency assets such as the $SAVG token a simple task. Community members are also able to use a wide variety of payment methods such as Apple Pay, Paypal, credit and debit cards, and third-party apps including Paxful, Simplex and MoonPay. Bitmart also offers the option of depositing crypto or fiat currency on the account for trading assets. To add the cherry on top, Bitmart charges one of the lowest fees in the CEX markets, providing users with a smooth, fast, and cheap transaction.

Check out the in-depth guide for registering, buying, and trading on Bitmart here.

Community benefits incoming

In addition to all the standard options users will have, the SAVAGE team and Bitmart have prepared a series of promotional activities for the whole crypto community to take part in, and benefit from!

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The SAVAGE Team is constantly working on accelerating the growth of the project through strategic partnerships and community engagement activities. The growing belief in the ability of NFTs to revolutionize the photography and filmmaking industry is driving the project to exponential growth and new horizons.

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